Just another...

So once again I don't do what I know to do and it once again appears to leave no blame on me. Funny. And I begin to look closer at the circumstances that are me and my function and something has halted progress. A boulder in my road has blocked my path. It's not a particularly large boulder; I could climb over it if I only put a little effort into it. But I choose to stand in front of it, cursing the responsible party for this outrageous waste of my time. I stand and stare at the rock. Waiting for it to be moved or to roll out of my way of it's own accord or perhaps someone will come pick me up, put me on their back as they crawl over this easily surrmountable hurdle; all these are acceptable scenarios for this monumental inconvienence. I stood and stared at the rock.


  1. Yous should command that rock to move!

  2. AB we're on the same track.. instead of waiting for the computer to be fixed I picked up a pen. Such an easy movement, such pains to accept it's value.

  3. a lot of us like to stare at the rock and just contemplate it,.. I think they call that lackadaisical,..