I wait for the sun to turn his back and I try to find meaning in today. What monumental achievements have been accomplished through me on this Thursday during this April? Scrabble? Not much depth there. I just heated up some pizza! Yummy, but not exactly life changing. I've saved no lives, inspired no great actions or contributed to any significant causes in the course of today. I did convey the miracles of my week to my Scrabble partner; my Christian sister. I smiled at my teen when he asked me for some late night snacks. I put a few seconds aside to stop my husband from his work so I could kiss him. Long term effects? Life changing moments? Not likely. We're sane though, in insane times. My friends and family know my love for them. God's presence is so alive in my life I find myself gushing about how He catches me to the church pianist as we're placing letter tiles.

My life is challenging. Not 9-5 challenge or the fear of adultery challenge or even the crippling temptations challenge. Just my trials that weigh on my soul alone. That of course being the most difficult part to bear. But then He taps me on the shoulder and reminds me of the boys in the living room- the boys I can't imagine life without. And He draws my attention to the 20 pound tiger cat sprawled out on my side of the bed and I can't help but giggle.
I giggle a lot. I'm known for my uncontrollable laughter.
I suppose that reflection of my soul is the most accurate.


  1. #I put a few seconds aside to stop my husband from his work so I could kiss him." -if that doesn't have long term effects I don't know what does.

  2. i'm loving both of your blogs, crystal! you sound like a kindred spirit in a lot of ways... :). i'll definitely be keeping tabs on your blogging.

  3. Although it doesn't always seem like it, I think those small moments add up to much more than the "monumental" ones. Think of what a thousand kisses could do...we could change the world. :)

  4. Crystal from what you have written I believe even a smile or a kiss is life changing in the insane world which we are all living. This world needs love and we as Christ followers are able to bring that love and light into this dark dark world.

    I have decided tonight is going to be a midnight writing experience!

  5. Huzzah!! I've inspired more night writing!! Thanks for all of the comments! There's nothing more encouraging than knowing you are not writing into a huge chasm of nothing... on that note, isn't it funny how tiny things gain more importance when put into writing? Reading this and your comments I see how valuable those tiny movements and smiles and giggles truly are. My reality (and all of ours really) hangs in the balance of the motions we are accustomed to making, whether positive or detrimental. Love Y'all!!