A Little Slice, Please

Looking down at the near blind but youthfully frisky feline I remarked
on 'you and me and our little life'.

The little life that stays within the limited blocks of
grocery stores,
a bakery,
the honest mechanic that remains the only commonality
between my divorced parents,
and of course
the vet.

With two out of a few of our loved ones
slumbering in the adjacent little rooms
the cat, still in a sleepful haze
lazily makes her way to the door
to watch birds
she has no opportunity
or real desire
to capture.

I follow faithfully
to pull aside the blinds
and let the view in
or out
depending on who's view.

My little life consists of Scrabble again
because it's Thursday
sleep again
because there's work tonight
and hope again that this day will favor
or fortune
 to advance this little life to a size a little larger,
but not by much.

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